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The Statistics and Registration Act 2007 required the UK Statistics Authority to publish a Code of Practice for Statistics. Only those statistics assessed as compliant with the Code will be designated as National Statistics. The Code can be accessed via the following link to the UK Statistics Authority:

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has put in place the arrangements necessary to implement the Code of Practice for Official Statistics. We have produced a Statement of Compliance with the Code for Practice for Official Statistics, which is also now available in either PDF format or in HTML.

This general statement refers to a suite of additional statements arising from the Code of Practice. These too are accessible separately either in PDF format or in HTML.

In line with Protocol 2 of the Code of Practice, BIS has published a compliance statement describing how it will meet the requirements of the Pre-release Access Order to Official Statistics 2008. This includes a list of recipients of pre-release access to National Statistics produced by BIS. This statement is available in either PDF format or HTML.

BIS has also published a Statement of Administrative Sources, in line with Protocol 3 of the Code of Practice. This is also available in either PDF format or HTML.


Last updated 14/04/2011

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