Regional Economic Performance PSA indicators

Since the coalition government has ended the system of Public Service Agreements, introduced by the previous administration, this web page will no longer be updated. The last update was made on 11th August 2010.

Please note that majority of the statistics on this webpage are available from the dynamic version of the Regional Economic Performance Indicators (REPI) compendium. (

The tables not available on the REPI website are:
Real regional GVA per head growth rates
Real regional GVA per hour worked growth rates
Regional GDP per head relative to the EU-15 average

Given concerns about some of the data used to obtain these three tables, namely the lack of information on regional prices which would allow real regional GVA estimates to be produced as oppose to proxy real regional GVA estimates, these tables will no longer be updated. However, all the data required to update these tables is published elsewhere. Estimates of Regional GDP per head compared to the EU-15 average can be obtained from Eurostat ( ). While the data required to estimate real regional GVA per head growth rates and real regional GVA per hour worked growth rates (using the same method as was used for the REP PSA where nominal regional GVA is deflated using the ONS National deflator) can be obtained from the ONS website ( ).

The Comprehensive Spending Review 2007 committed the Government to continue the Regional Economic Performance (REP) Public Service Agreement (PSA) to:

"Make sustainable improvements in the economic performance of all English regions and reduce the persistent gap in growth rates between the regions".

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is the lead department for delivery of this PSA. Whilst HM Treasury, Department for Communities and Local Government, Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, Department for Work and Pensions, Department for Transport and Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are contributing departments

To monitor the Government’s progress in delivering this PSA, a set of four headline indicators will be adopted which, together provide a coherent picture of regional economic performance, built on a sound economic framework and using the best available data.

  • Regional Gross Value Added (GVA1) per head growth rates;
  • Regional Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per head levels indexed to the EU15 average;
  • Regional Productivity as measured by GVA per hour worked indices; and
  • Regional Employment Rates.

This basket of indicators will enable a nuanced explanation of economic performance and disparities at regional level and hence of Government performance against the PSA. Beneath these headline indicators, we will monitor performance across a suite of supporting indicators.

Disparities in regional economic growth are a function of regional variations in productivity and employment. Government has developed a framework of "five drivers" which interact to drive productivity growth – enterprise, investment, innovation, competition and skills. Detail on the development of the set of supporting indicators to measure regional performance on and each of the 5 drivers of productivity can be found in the document Benchmarking UK productivity performance.

The Regional Economic Performance PSA (REP PSA) website has been developed as a tool for monitoring regional progress towards the PSA. The website will track the performance of the headline indicators for the PSA as well as the supporting indicators for the key drivers of economic growth in each region

The website presents publicly available data in table and graph form, for the nine English regions. These will be updated on a regular basis; quarterly for all indicators except employment which will be updated monthly. The latest data can be accessed by selecting the relevant link on the left.

Recently updated data

All tables were renumbered on 27 May 2010, for greater consistency with the publication Regional Economic Performance Indicators. The content of many tables was updated at the same time.

The following tables were updated in August 2010.
Table G(1)(ii) - Employment rate of working age people*
Table G(2)(i) - Unemployment rate as a percentage of total economically active

*Please note that this update incorporates a redefinition of employment rates by ONS.  The denominator is now all persons aged 16 to 64.  In earlier versions women aged 60 to 64 were excluded.


1The Regional Economic Performance: Performance to Date document refers to GVA per head (adjusted) figures which take account of inflation. To produce these, nominal GVA per head has been deflated using a national GVA deflator at basic prices, based on latest available ONS data. We are currently unable to account for differences in prices at the regional level.

Last updated on 29 October, 2010