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Price & Cost Indices

BIS Construction Price and Cost Indices are published as an online service by the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS) under contract to BIS. The publication provides comprehensive public sector construction price and cost information in Great Britain, comprising the following indices:
• Tender Price Index (TPI) of Public Sector Building Non-housing, Social Housing Building and Road Construction
• Resource Cost Indices for Buildings, Roads, Infrastructure, and Building Maintenance
• Output price indices (OPIs) for construction sectors.
• Output price indices for direct labour.
• Location and function studies.

A methodology guide, including definitions of all the Price and Cost Indices, the methods used to calculate these indices and planned changes to the Output Prices Indices is available here

This note describes the revisions' policy adopted for the Price and Cost Indices

BIS Construction Price & Cost Indices Online

The Quarterly Price and Cost Indices is a basic 'tool of trade' to anyone involved in estimating, cost checking and fee negotiation on public sector construction works. It includes tender price indices, output price indices, resource cost indices, direct labour output deflators, location and function studies, for indices with an example forecast of variation of price calculation and relational graphs.
Available from BCIS, 12 Great George Street, London SW1P 3AD. Tel. 020 7695 1500, email or order online at £109 + VAT (annual subscription)

Free-of-charge data are complied into ONS’s Construction Statistics Annual and Monthly Digest of Statistics:

The All New Construction Output Price Index is available quarterly in Table 3.7 of the Monthly Digest of Statistics and the Tender Price Indices, Output Price Indices and Resource Cost Indices are available annually in chapters 4 and 5 of the Construction Statistics Annual.

Users of the ONS website may have noticed an announcement that the date of this publication has changed. Please note that the date of this publication has not changed and it will continue to be released on the pre-announced dates.

Construction Price and Cost Indices were recently assessed by the United Kingdom Statistics Authority, who concluded:

“The Authority judges that Construction Price and Cost Indices do not sufficiently comply with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics to be published as National Statistics; that substantial further work is required for them to be fully compliant with the Code; and that it is in the public interest that these matters be indicated clearly to users by the temporary removal of the existing designation as National Statistics.

A programme of work led by BIS is underway to address the requirements made in this Assessment Report, and that BIS expects to report on their implementation to the Authority in July 2011. After considering BIS' report, the Authority will review the designation of this set of statistics."

The Branch previously published the following related publications:

Price Adjustment Formulae Indices Online

MTC Updating Percentages Online

These publications are no longer under contract to BIS, but continue to be available through subscription from the BCIS website


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